how much like a vampire are you?

do you ask your self am i a vampire a lot then this is the test for you! if you ever want to find out do it now!do you really think your a vampire?can you run fast do you like blood?

so you better keep an eye out because im coming for you! jkjkjkjkjkjk its a cool quiz plz take it run run run but i'll still catch you no matter were you hide

Created by: alex

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  1. are you able to jump high?
  2. what was your fave book?
  3. do you have pointed teeth?
  4. do you like the taste of blood?
  5. do you heal fast?
  6. do you think very indepth?
  7. are you smart?
  8. do you hate sunlight
  9. good or bad?
  10. do you bite people very often

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Quiz topic: How much like a vampire am I?