How vampire are you?

Sometimes you look at people and you think: wow, they look like vampires. They must have drunk liters of blood. Most of the things that's said about vampires aren't true, but that's too much to tell about.

Back to business. I am a real vampire. But.... can YOU be a vampire too? Sometimes, if you see blood, you really want to drink it. Isn't it? I'm sure you've thought that at least one time. Be happy: I'm thinking it all the time.

Created by: Blackhero12
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose your favourite colour.
  2. Let's make a nice story: your friend falls of his bike and he is bleeding.
  3. Well, never mind what you chose. Let's say you called 911...
  4. ...and a doctor is coming.
  5. Well, this is not a good story.
  6. All right, let's say you ARE a vampire (just for the questions)
  7. What is the most important thing at the vampireclan. (Just guess)
  8. What is your favourite writer?
  9. Do you mind fighting with others?
  10. Some strange questions now. But also related. Do you mind being naked?
  11. Would you like gothic music?
  12. Just kidding. Last question didn't affect the results. You know, a vampire friend likes classical music. Yeah true!
  13. What do you think. Am I a vampire?
  14. Well, I'm a vampire, but don't be afraid. We don't kill people, we don't drink from them too much.
  15. Well, visit me anytime, but I'm not allowed to make you a vampire. You should ask the Princes about that.
  16. Ask the books of Darren Shan for more info about vampires. It's quiet accurate (you know, the story really happened).
  17. And, do you think vampires are real?
  18. Remember: if you really believe, you will meet one.

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Quiz topic: How vampire am I?