How much is your Howrse worth? (UPDATED)

There are a lot of Howrses on Howrse, and while most of them are probably very valuable, some of them just... aren't. Of course, there's always a way to estimate how much your Howrse is worth..!

Is your Howrse worth more than 50,000e, or is it only worth 500e? There was an old quiz, but it was inaccurate. Take this quiz and in just a few minutes you'll find out how much your Howrse is worth!

Created by: slimedragons of Howrse
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  1. Does your Howrse have a Golden Apple or Retired Coat?
  2. How many BMI (Black Market Items) does your Howrse have?
  3. Does your Howrse have a Philosopher's Stone (is your Howrse immortal)?
  4. Is your Howrse fully BLUPed?
  5. Is your Howrse a riding Howrse, unicorn, pegasus, draft, donkey or a mule?
  6. If you have a mare, is your mare in foal?
  7. Do you have a stallion or a gelding?
  8. Is your Howrse's coat 10% or below?
  9. Does your Howrse have all required tack (saddle, bridle, blanket)?
  10. How old is your Howrse?
  11. What's your Howrse's GP (Genetic Potential)?

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Quiz topic: How much is my Howrse worth? (UPDATED)