Are you a Howrse expert?

Howrse is a fun, competitive, stimulus game with millions of players registered today.Howrse is a game where you can own your own virtual horses, breed them, and compete to be the best.

Are you a Howrse expert? Do you know everything about Howrse inside and out, or do you prefer playing Howrse just for fun? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Violit
  1. When was Howrse first launched?
  2. Which retired item could you buy for 10e at the shop when the game first started?
  3. What jobs were available on Howrse until 2011?
  4. How many levels of achievements were on Howrse, when achievements were still around?
  5. Which of the listed horses are Divines?
  6. Which of the following black market items are ALL retired?
  7. What does BLUP stand for?
  8. What is the Maximum you can sell a Divine or Special for in the direct sales?
  9. Which of the following players are ALL part of the administration team on Howrse?
  10. What order do the seasons occur in, starting from the 1st. of the month?
  11. What do you need to do to BLUP a horse?
  12. When is the breeding time for Unicorns?
  13. Which of the following Divines listed CAN'T be sold in the sales?
  14. What do you earn for free for every 5 Karma points?
  15. What exclusive item do you gain access to, if you have the Pegasus account?
  16. How many methods of payment can you use to buy the 100 pass pack?
  17. How many versions of Howrse are there?
  18. How many levels of rarity are there in the collection of Howrse cards?
  19. If you need to credit your reserve with a pass, how much equus do you get per pass?
  20. How many different types of horses, ponies, and donkeys are there on the International Version of Howrse?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Howrse expert?