Do you know Howrse?

Pure geniuses pass this test. They know Howrse inside and out. They are top players who have been on Howrse for a long time! They go on Howrse in their spare time. Do you do these things? Then take the Howrse quiz!

Do you think you know Howrse? Show your skills of Howrse on this quiz.See if you have what it takes to say "I know everything about Howrse!" Do you know you can say this and be honest? Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: grace of Howrse
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  1. What does the Golden Apple do to your horse?
  2. Is Peruvian Paso one of the horses on Howrse?
  3. What covering time is needed to get a 1/6 chance of breeding a Unicorn?
  4. What can you breed a divine Snow with?
  5. How many Equestrian Centers can you make?
  6. Can divines breed?
  7. Do Daphne's Wind exist on Howrse?
  8. What do Divine Balios give you?
  9. Can you breed Quarter Horses and Clydesdales on Howrse?
  10. Can you get a Pandora's Pack?
  11. The special Falabella horse is only female!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Howrse?