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  • DUDE, this should be called "do you watch famous youtubers?" Cuz some of us watch YouTube A LOT but not interested in the people you put. So this is misleading. Like some people heard of them, but don't watch them, but they still watch A LOT of YouTube (like smaller channels that are just as interesting). This quiz isn't presented very well.

  • I watch Mr Sark, Seananners, Gassy Mexican,Vanossgamin g, H2ODelirious, Daithi de Nogla, the Terrorizer, and Miniladd. I've never heard of all those people -_-

    Mr Sark
  • I got 0% lol!!!! I'm sorry it's just that I watch webkinz vids!!! Oh and I love the SHUT UP!!! From smosh! :-)


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