How much do you watch YouTube

This is to test how well you know these youtubers but remember these are my opinion of my favorite youtubers so you may not know any of these youtubers.

If you do not know any of these youtubers check them out and leave a like to them or subscribe or just check them out I am sure they would appreciate it

Created by: Molly
  1. Do u watch Smosh
  2. Do u watch Shane Dawson
  3. Do u watch Pewdiepie
  4. Do u watch Alfie dayes AKA Pointlessblog
  5. Do u watch Thatcherjoe
  6. Do u watch Zoella
  7. Do u watch Tyler Oakley
  8. Do u watch Dan and Phil
  9. Do u watch Joey Graceffa
  10. Do u watch Anthony and Kalel AKA whatchusliveandstuff

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Quiz topic: How much do I watch YouTube