R U a Royal or Rebel?

Okay so yesterday I went to the bookstore near wear i live in North Carolina. I was buying a book and thought of what to buy. i remeber watching a skit made by sevensupergirl on YouTube. I saw one based on Ever After High.

I love and adore EAH (aka Ever After High) as much as anyone. And if you want to watch SAK , goto Youtube and type sak in the YouTube search box. Anyway, i hope you have a wonderful time!

Created by: WinxClubgirl

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  1. Plz read the desp.
  2. Royal or Rebel
  3. Would u be Raven or Apple?
  4. Okay so the rest don't count
  5. Ever After High
  6. Ever After High
  7. Sms
  8. Edits
  9. EVER
  10. After

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