How much do you really love him/her

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While in a relationship, everyone wants to belive that they really and truly do love the person they are with, but do you honestly know, for sure? with this you can find out..

when you take this quiz, you will answer questions, that will later on allowe you to know if you two are truly made for each other, or if its time to just move on... so that you know you wont be wasting your time with the relationship you are in now!

Created by: ARi

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  1. How well do you two get along with each other?
  2. when they look at you, and randomly kiss you, do you get butterflies?
  3. How often do you tell them you love them?
  4. Would you lick his/her foot?
  5. Do you ever get this feeling they may be cheating on you...? (but you dont have proof)
  6. What is his/her's fav. color?
  7. how many times a day do you catch your self thinking about him/her?
  8. Its your Birthday, and he/she got you a teddy bear, and a card... what do you do.?
  9. You two are going on a date tonight... and he/she suppoes to pick u up at 8, its now 8:20... what do you do?
  10. You two are laying there watchin a movie, when his/her phone goes off. and Its his/her's EX. what do you do?..

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Quiz topic: How much do I really love him/her