How Much do you really Like Howrse?

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Some people are smart, somepeople Know this game Inside out, but you? What do you know about the game do you have the courage to take on this menacing quiz...

So are you tempted are you in the seat, to show of your knowledge and start the test. It won't be easy so don't think it will, because this quiz took guts within. From Chrissyh to Me we did our best show click underneath to start this test!

Created by: Ellie

  1. How many days of seniority do you need to have an EQ? (equestrian centre)
  2. Who has the most seniority (up to date)
  3. What Is the original times to breed a unicorn?
  4. Myride created which divine/special? Out of these? (she originally created 3 but pick the one here)
  5. How much is a Pegasus Account? !no Cheating! :P for a month
  6. Whats the most EXPENSIVE item to buy on the black market?
  7. Which admin is 1559 days old? MWAHAHA raid the site? (5th of december 2011) That makes it harder lol :P and one of these is 1day apart from the real one :P
  8. Whats My user name on howrse! You'll never get it :)
  9. Easy one now: Who is First on Howrse
  10. (these are easy now and nothing to do with howrse)What does this say: Hlelo, aptrpanely if you hvae the fsirt lteetr and lsat lteetr in the smae pclae you can sitll raed it! Wired!
  11. 7+3567x34=?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I really Like Howrse?