How well do you know howrse?

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There are many howrse players, but only a few true champios of howrse. howrse Champions are people who have been on this game for a while, and are very experinced.

Do you think YOU are a howrse champ? Then prove your self right! take the howrse utmate qwiz to find out how smart you are, and if you need to improve.

Created by: rose

  1. How many Wandering horses can you get?
  2. How many passes does a Nyx Pack cost?
  3. Who is 1st in General ranking?
  4. How seniority do you need to have an EC
  5. what is the most expecive saddle you can buy with equus?
  6. which of these can't you buy from the Black Market
  7. what divine can you win from 2011 lottery?
  8. You can find Grand Prix tickets in the horns of pleanty? True or False
  9. Which of these races do you need a Western saddle and bridle?
  10. You are alowed more than one account? True or False

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Quiz topic: How well do I know howrse?