Are you a Howrse fan?

There are many people who think they know EVERYTHING about the onlin game Howrse. But really, only few know what there is on this great game. They can be found with this quiz.

Are you a Howrse genius? Perhaps you are, maybe you're not. With this quiz you cn test your Howrse skills, horse knowledge and many more things. Good luck!

Created by: Dododotty

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  1. Do you love horses?
  2. Do horses have ...... legs?
  3. Do you go riding?
  4. Do you have time for online games?
  5. Can horses be brown, white and black?
  6. Is there such thing as a unicorn on Howrse?
  7. Okay, what about a pegasus?
  8. Perhaps there's those two, but what about a Ruby?
  9. Is a horse able to give birth?
  10. What colour is the Howrse background?
  11. Is there such thing as a palamino horse?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Howrse fan?