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  • This is a good quiz but I just wanted to say something. How much you love horses should not be based off of how many model horses you have or how many horse websites you play on. Some people are old enough to not want a model horse or pretend to have a horse online. How much love you have for horses should be based off of other things. I see this question on quizzes all the time and I just wanted to let that out.

  • Ride them then spoil them .. :| what are you getting at .

    bad quiz sorry. I got ( I LOVE HORSES MORE THAN ANY OTHER ANIMAL) which i do coz i have one but i think the quiz was very poor standards. 1 star

  • Pretty good quiz 7 out of 10 stars

    Radar 1
  • I got i love horse more than any other animal! THATS TRU! And i only got 1 model horse :p My friend got me it for bday AND I CANT THANK HER ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got: "I love horses then any other animal" too.

    I don't LOVE this quiz and I don't HATE it...5 stars

  • Ok

  • yay! i got the answer i wanted!!!


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