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  • Kiba is f---ing worthless, he does nothing but cause trouble and he is too arrogant despite being a loser, personally i prefer akamaru than his worthless owner and i think he is smarter than him. he is so worthless that he cannot do anything without his dog and his techniques are weak and worthless.

    Get lost kiba! i hate you. Go die!!!!!!!!

    • Your just as much as a loser as him if you were sitting her wasting the five minutes on this quiz,when you could've been doing something else!

    • wow if you are so agenst kiba then why you take the quiz?? And im pretty sure that if akamaru didnt have kiba he wouldnt have been so smart. Also saying that he is nothing without his dog is like saying neji is nothing without his byakugan. Which is inacurate. Kiba is legit just a drawing nobody cares if you are agenst him. You shouldnt waste your time hating a drawing.

  • Thanks >:D

  • hahaha nice quiz! :)

    sounds like a plan! let's hit up cosplayers in Japan :P


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