How much do you like Inuzuka Kiba?

HIYA, alot of people and fangirls like Kiba and if you're a boy I quess a fanboy? XD LOL well if you take the quiz you can see if you really like him, but I guess you like him cause you won't be doing this quiz!

Well well, of course have fun with the test and I'm sure you'll get very high!! Please don't cheat to keep it a secret from everybody and of course you can comment =)

Created by: Ayuhi of SasuNaru
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  1. You see Kiba and Akamaru playing tag...Akamaru jumps toward you and Kiba follows him making him bumping up against you! What do you do?
  2. Kiba calls you up in the middle of the damn night, you pick up and say:______
  3. Hinata is stalking Kiba, what do you do?(Sorry was fun to put a stalking person in it)
  4. Kiba gave you a birthday-present! It is a doll of a wolf! What do say?
  5. You walk in a forest and suddenly Akamaru jumps out and starts to pee on your leg...then Kiba jumps out of a tree and lands right on you, then he says: ''Whoops, sorry I thought you were Hinata, stalking me!'' What is your response?
  6. Kiba is under attack! What do you do?
  7. Kiba is peeing on a tree while you're walking by, he doesn't notice you but Akamaru does and it goes towards you, what do you do?
  8. Kiba is training and he falls out of a tree, his tee-shirt is ripped apart and his face is under small cuts, what do you do?
  9. You're training and Kiba comes out of nowhere pushing you on the ground and whispering in your ear:_________
  10. Akamaru is badly hurt and Kiba is nowhere to be found! You go search for him but after three days you give up, then suddenly he is lying in your bed!
  11. Last question! Kiba suddenly jumps out from behind and blindfolds you! You struggle but he is too strong, he undresses you(not all of your clothes just your jumper and trouser) and he starts to kiss your cheek and says:''I..want'', what is your reaction?(Lol I made this one for the Kiba-Fans XD)

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Quiz topic: How much do I like Inuzuka Kiba?