How much do you know the Steve saga orgins?

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This quiz is about the Steve saga origins let’s see how smart are you! If you failed then u can retake it the test!Watch all videos to be ready to take this TEST!

In here will be easy or hard do ur best and be the champion! Take ur time to finish it don’t rush u can always retake it okay? This requires You to watch a lot of videos So be ready to take this AWSOME TEST take ur time it’s not a game of rage a rush don’t rush and rage stay calm give it all to be a smart guy!

Created by: Alvin

  1. Is origin Steve here?
  2. Did red Steve betray Rainbow Steve and green Steve?
  3. Why did nightmare Steve destroy the endcrastyl?
  4. Was blue Steve voiced as Sabre? (Means Sabre is the one who’s voicing blue Steve)
  5. Who helped rainbow Steve and blue Steve made the Anti-Steve potion?
  6. Did rainbow Steve absorbed blue Steve and blue Steve sounded Hypno Steve?
  7. Is red Steve and blue Steve’s are mad each other and don’t like them
  8. Is there’s any talking through the whole series with translating (I’m saying that any weird talking that they translate?)
  9. Is moosecraft here?
  10. Is Lucas here?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the Steve saga orgins?