How much do you know about the Steve Saga?

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Welcome to the quiz! This Quiz is about the Steve Saga and will test your knowledge of the Steve Saga. You will have to have remembered a lot of things to get 100%!

If you are doing this for fun then thanks anyway. The Steve Saga is a series made by: FavreMySabre,LucasSpike and Rainbow Steve. They basically get into a lot of fights and adventure with Steve.

Created by: Makili Pietru

  1. What is Nightmare Steve mostly made up of?
  2. What did Rainbow Steve call double swords?
  3. Is Unspeakable Gaming in the Steve Saga?
  4. Sabre used Plague Steve to give Rainbow Steve a name tag so he could join Sabre in minigames. What was the name tag?
  5. What colour is the grass in Galaxy Steve's dimension?
  6. Was Elemental Steve evil?
  7. What animal is Fake Lucas?
  8. Has Sabre ever done a VR Steve Saga episode?
  9. What were the names of the 2 elytra?
  10. What happens when you blink or look away when you see Memory Steve?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Steve Saga?