What Steve's dragon form are you?

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Welcome to my quiz! This quiz is partially related to the steve saga and it is partially related to dragons. I put both of my favourite things together! Clever, right?

This is a test to determine what steve (in dragon form) you are most like. The images are all drawn by me. If you want to get a specific Steve, then think about what awnser you put - some are related to what has happened in the series! Also subscribe to PuffballWarrior, FavreMySabre, LucasSpike and Rainbow Steve, cos they're all fantastic youtubers!

Created by: Makili Pietru

  1. Do you like company?
  2. What is your favourite coulor?
  3. Creation or Destruction?
  4. If elemental steve returned (but was evil) what would you do?
  5. Can you collaborate easily?
  6. Do you have many enemies?
  7. If you could own either Fake Sabre or Fake Lucas, who would you pick?
  8. Do you experience new things a lot?
  9. Who's point of view do you watch the most when watching the Steve Saga?
  10. Do you like the Steve Saga?
  11. Do you like Dragons?

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Quiz topic: What Steve's dragon form am I?