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  • ok who here thinks that invader zim or Johnny the Hommicidal maniac should be put on like mtv or some tv show? i mean who else would think that would be freaking awesome that way hes can show and say moer then what he was aloud to say on nickelodeon.

    huskywolf Sep 20 '12, 1:01PM
  • 100% Yay :) Invader Zim is cool

    Invader Crystal Nov 26 '11, 9:06AM
  • 70% yeah i remember that show

    skatterbrain Nov 22 '11, 5:07AM
  • wow, this got in the categories? cool.

    Hunteriscool Nov 21 '11, 12:46PM
  • 100%!

    yay! i'm awesome!

    InvaderKazlol Nov 14 '11, 6:42AM
  • O.O how could you say that!

    Wolfeyes77 Aug 28 '11, 5:38PM
  • 100% I love ir
    Guess who made waffles

    Wolfeyes77 Aug 16 '11, 2:08AM
  • 100%!! I knew it!

    dog20 Feb 25 '11, 8:30PM
  • 60%

    Jack Attack 1995 Jan 29 '11, 10:36AM
  • 40% Damn... it's been forever since I've watched the show O.o I feel bad for doing so horribly, though! D:

    tomboykaitie Jan 28 '11, 1:32PM
  • I watched it all day today xD Gaz is so much cooler than Dib! xD

    Emmajamme Dec 28 '10, 4:40PM
  • 90%
    Better than I thought.xD

    Hephaestuschild Nov 8 '10, 2:36AM
  • I miss this show :(

    Hunteriscool Nov 8 '10, 2:32AM
  • I love Invader ZIM 100% WOOH!

    tro Oct 10 '10, 8:37PM
  • Lol I KNEW IT!!! I GOTS 100%!!! awesome quiz

    Natsumi Oct 10 '10, 2:11PM

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