how much do you know Hannah Carter?

gooooood byeeeeee i am bored this is boring i lalalala heyheyhey yea i'm bored yea this is boring lalalalala heyheyhey oh my grawd oh my grawd hahahah

lalalalala just so you know yea let the world fall down at you death bed cause with out you i can't live here were i call hell without my angel whoa oh oh

Created by: alicethewich

  1. can i draw?
  2. do i like only one kind of music?
  3. Do i play dolls?
  4. Do i like harry potter
  6. do i LOVE maplestory
  7. Do i like supernaturals (angels demon stuff like that)
  8. whats my two fav colors of all
  9. what color are my eyes
  10. my fav animal
  11. lastly am i the cool kind the one to get picked on the bully the nerd or the just normal

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Hannah Carter?