The Hannah Montana Quiz

Are you a real Hannah Montana fan!!? Have you bught her two Cd's yet!? Have you watched all of her new shows!? Have you been to a live Hannah Montana concert!? Have you bought her two movies!? If so then you know alot about Hannah Montana and chances are your gonna get a pretty high score!!

Do you have what it takes to get a perfect 100% score on this quiz!? Until now your just wondering on your score. But thanks to The Hannah Montana quiz you'll be able to find out!!!!!!

Created by: Benjamin Guerrero

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  1. When is Hannah's Birthdate?
  2. Who is Hannah's favorite shopping Buddy?
  3. What's Hannah's biggest fear?
  4. What is Hannah's favorite accessories?
  5. What is Hannah's real name?
  6. What is Hannah's favorite thing to do?
  7. What is Hannah's Favorite color?
  8. What is Hannah's favorite scent?
  9. Who was Hannah's Boyfriend?
  10. What is Hannah's favorite type of music?
  11. What is the number of siblings in Hannah's family?
  12. What is Hannah's Favorite season?
  13. Where is Hannah's favorite place for her secret's?
  14. What is Hannah's Favorite food?
  15. Where was Hannah born?

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