How much do you know DAL?

DarknessAndLight is a GoToQuiz user who joined in May, 2016. He started off small, but made his way into the higher levels. Unfortunately, he has not appeared around the website due to inactivity.

Now then, are you able to find out who he is? Guess the questions below and see your results in the end! You are bound to see me around as I am the most active person on! Well, was...

Created by: DarknessAndLight

  1. How old is DAL?
  2. What is DAL's favourite colour?
  3. What gender is DAL?
  4. Where was he born?
  5. Where, to be precise?
  6. Which month did DAL join GTQ?
  7. True or False: DAL's name represents a video game.
  8. How many other profiles does DAL have?
  9. What is DAL's favourite food?
  10. Finally, who is DAL?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know DAL?