How much do you know about women's health?

Hey ladies, the more you know about your health, the better health care decisions you'll be able to make for yourselves. Take this quiz to see how much you know about women's health!

This quiz was created by Our Bodies Ourselves, a nonprofit organization that has worked to empower women with accurate, up-to-date health information for over 35 years.

Created by: Our Bodies Ourselves of Our Bodies Ourselves
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  1. Taking the Pill can make you want sex less often.
  2. Drinking cranberry juice helps prevent urinary tract infections.
  3. Smoking "light" or low-tar cigarettes reduces risk of smoking-related illness.
  4. Breast cancer rates have stabilized in recent years.
  5. Cesarean section rates in the United States are abnormally high compared to other countries.
  6. Most women who are raped are attacked by a stranger.
  7. You can get an STI through oral sex.
  8. Most women get pregnant within two or three months of trying.
  9. Many women do not have orgasms during intercourse with a man.
  10. Women are more biologically vulnerable to environmental toxins than men.

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