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  • 80 for the ladies

    sexyboy Oct 29 '18, 1:39PM
  • 90%
    Your women's health guru score: 90%

    Wow, you know a lot about women's health! Put this knowledge to good use and please share it with other women. To learn more, please visit [no urls] for free health information and resources.
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    Well I wish they mention what answered wrong though. Quiz was very informative though...

    Shana_Yagami May 20 '15, 1:40PM
  • WOO! 90%! LoL i new id get an alright score, stems from being a hypercondriac :P

    Carmensita23 Aug 12 '10, 10:55PM
  • im a man and i scored 80 xD

    speshilkay Apr 2 '09, 3:42PM

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