How much do you know about Toontown?

There are many people that know lots about people but, not everyone in the world is a Toontown Online expert. If you take this quiz you might know if you are one or not.

Are YOU toon enough? Take this quiz to find out. You might not be an expert but hey, you might have lots of knowledge about Toontown anyways. Relax, think and enjoy this Toontown quiz.

Created by: Sofia
  1. Who is the first toon you meet?
  2. What are cogs?
  3. What does Flippy say to you?
  4. How many cogs are there?
  5. If you are a member how many toons an you have?
  6. How many doodles can you have?
  7. What is the limit of Laff points?
  8. Toons are bad or good?
  9. Who rules Toontown?
  10. What do toons use to save toontown?
  11. Last question. Who made the cogs in Toontown?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Toontown?