How well do you know toontown??

There are many people who know toontown but very few that can ace this quiz.The questions i have in store for you are pretty hard. Good luck!I hope you enjoy this quiz. I love toon town.

Do you know toontown as well as i do?There some fun questions in store for you.Well i cant give you anthing else.If you want more youll have to take the quiz yourfelf!

Created by: Alissa

  1. How many freinds can you have?
  2. Who asks Toonturial Tom "Do you have any extra gags?"
  3. Witch one is a REAL name of a cog?
  4. If your a member (witch everyone is now sense its closing September 19th) how many toons can you make?
  5. Can you have more than one doodle?
  6. Whats a cog?
  7. How much jellybeans does it cost to make the cheapest party?
  8. Who runs the catalog?
  9. Who runs the catalog?
  10. When you finish you first toon task why cant you talk?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know toontown??