How much do you know toontown?

Do you know toontown? Are you a geek who spends all of his time on the internet game toontown? Or a dumbo who doesn't know how to play it? Or are you the middleman who is smart enough not to waste his life but still has fun? Find out now!

Many people have tried and failed misrably or have got markes that means they've got a life to live for ,or is just a geek spending all his life on the computer, never seeing the sun or feeling the fresh air. SO WHO ARE YOU? P.S. I'm not a geek

Created by: Dan
  1. We'll start easy: a gag is-
  2. What is a Doodle?
  3. If your laff meter is low, you are:
  4. What are cogs?
  5. Ok. Which of these are bossbots?
  6. Mr. Hollywoods are high-level cogs that look like Yesmen. A Yesman is a Bossbot, so Mr. Hollywoods are-
  7. What is a Cog Building?
  8. Which of these is an actuall gag catagory?
  9. The Brrrgh is run by...
  10. What is a Skelecog?
  11. Who is Flippy?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know toontown?