How much do you know about the sporting events of 2013

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Lets see if you know about sport I love sport and that's why I made this quiz hope you enjoy it I worked really hard on it and enjoy if you are a jock

Then this quiz is for you enjoy best of luck and yaa remember you are a perfect jock keep being a jock and enjoy this quiz take this love sports please rate and comment

Created by: Kristy Thomas
  1. Who was the world's most notorious drug cheat
  2. What happened in Boston marathon , April 15 (2013)
  3. Who won the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 24 ??
  4. Who retained the Ashes ?
  5. Who won the Wimbledon ( men's singles ) title and broke a 77 years record ??
  6. Which great Indian cricketer retired on 16 november 2013
  7. Which great footballer retired on 22 nd may
  8. Who won the French open
  9. Who won the Champions Trophy ???
  10. Who was accused of murder - February 14 (2013)
  11. Did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the sporting events of 2013