How much do you know about Taylor Swift?

Many people love Taylor Swift. But many don't know everything little thing about her. Like the exact time she was born or the food she favors the most.

Do YOU have the gut to see if you really do know the little things about her that other people just pass up. If you do, the quiz is right at your fingertips.

Created by: Kaylee

  1. What year was Taylor born in? Ps.Everyone should know this.
  2. What is Taylors' lucky number?
  3. What was the first song she ever wrote?
  4. Which two songs did she contribute to the Hunger Games?(2012)
  5. What is the name of Taylor Swift's brother?
  6. How many Grammy awards did she win?
  7. what is Taylor's favorite season?
  8. In which 2010 film did she appear in?
  9. What is her favorite subject in school?
  10. Who rob Taylor's mic during the VMA award show?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Taylor Swift?