Do you really know Taylor Swift?

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What is a Swiftie? A Swiftie is someone who follows and believes in Taylor Swift. In this quiz, you will discover how well you actually know Taylor Swift.

Do you believe you are a real Swiftie? Well, take this quiz and find out for sure! This quiz contains some basic facts about Taylor Swift! Do your best and good luck!

Created by: Swiftie413

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  1. What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
  2. What year was Taylor Swift born in?
  3. What month was Taylor Swift born in?
  4. What day of the week of Taylor Swift born on?
  5. What day was Taylor Swift born on?
  6. What time was Taylor Swift born at?
  7. What US state was Taylor Swift born in?
  8. Where was Taylor Swift born?
  9. What hospital was Taylor Swift born at?
  10. What hospital room was Taylor Swift born in?
  11. Okay, enough with her birth. Let's focus on some other things now. How old is Taylor Swift? P.S. This is in 2015 in June
  12. How tall is Taylor Swift? Again, this is 2015
  13. How many albums has Taylor Swift released? (In June of 2015)

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Taylor Swift?