How much do you know about Superman?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? it's Superman. This is a quiz about our favourite and most beloved superhero of all time. The first comic book superhero to be ever created. He inspires, motivates and most recognisable.

Are you a Superman fan? Do you know all about Superman? This is the ultimate test for Superman fans to see their knowledge about the greatest Superhero alive. In just a few minutes, we're gonna find out if you are truly a Superman fan.

Created by: Tokem

  1. What is Superman's alien name?
  2. What is Superman's earth name?
  3. What techonology was Superman's rocket made of?
  4. What is Superman's power source?
  5. What is Superman's weakness?
  6. Who killed Superman before in the comics?
  7. Which Superman destroyed a solar system with a sneeze?
  8. Do you think Superman can take over the planet?
  9. Do you think Superman is over powered and overrated?
  10. Who is Superman's pet name and what kind of species is it?

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