Which Comic Book Superhero are you?

The amount of superheros theses days.. Which one are you among all of them.. Are you Iron Man? Spiderman? Superman? Batman? Wolverine or even.. THE HULK??

Answer all the questions realistically and you'll get the right answer.. Hopefully you'll get a good result and not a bad one.. So yeah, enjoy the quiz

Created by: Tom
  1. What do you do for a living? If it is not listed just choose the option you would rather work as:
  2. Best feature about you?
  3. Worst thing about you?
  4. Which Superpowers would you rather gain?
  5. Would you tell people about your crime fighting abilities?
  6. What would be the best feeling if you were a superhero?
  7. Which Superhero do you like the most?
  8. What sounds like the best "first date" with a girl you have been liking for ages?
  9. What colour would your suit be?
  10. If you were a supervillian. Who would you want to take down?

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Quiz topic: Which Comic Book Superhero am I?