Which Superhero are You?

The world of DC/Marvel and even Nickelodeon and such, are full of superheroes! But which superhero group do you belong in? Are you funny like Beast Boy, or Lonesome like Batman?

This is a boy and girl quiz. Most results have both boy and girl superhero comparisons. The questions are also written so that anyone can take them. Enjoy!

Created by: S
  1. That local newswoman/man got kidnapped (again) what do you do?
  2. Your friend just robbed a bank what do you do?
  3. What is your superhero grade average?
  4. In the superhero group, you stand out because...?
  5. Can you dance?
  6. In your normal life, how do you dress?
  7. If you had a good reason (your mom has cancer or something), would you switch sides of the law?
  8. Choose a smiley...
  9. Do you fit in?
  10. Do you like being a hero?

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Quiz topic: Which Superhero am I?