Which Superhero are you like?

I know that you have heard of superheroes. Superman, Green Lantern, Flash Gordon. Everyone has dreamed of being a superhero. Fighting bad guys and saving the world.

Well, dreaming time's over. Now you can be a superhero. Just answer a couple questions and live the rest of your life proud. Are you thinking, "Well, I've done this before, and they COULD have 50 questions..." but I assure you that there are only 12. SO go ahead and see what superhero you are!!

Created by: pandama
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  2. How many parties would you throw in a year?
  3. How fast are you? Be truthful
  4. What is the maximum weight you can hold??
  5. Do you rely on anything to help you??
  6. OK, here are just some randoms that don't count- What is your favorite food??
  7. Fav movie?
  8. Fav sport??
  9. Fav condiment?
  10. Fav animal?

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Quiz topic: Which Superhero am I like?