Which DC Superhero Are You?

This quiz is about DC. Superhero movies are great. They are perfect for little kids keeping their heads in the clouds as they should. Don't take life too serious.

Are you batman. Maybe superman. Well find out with this quiz that allows you to see which dc hero you are. Take a gamble and see where you belong. Maybe you will surprise yourself.

Created by: Serge

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  1. There's a cat in a tree. What do you do?
  2. I don't lie I just blend in
  3. A college degree would help me a lot?
  4. In a way I'm a villain
  5. I'm great with gadgets
  6. I have a big ego
  7. What's more important: putting criminals away or your true love?
  8. Who was the best superman?
  9. Who was the best batman?
  10. Do you believe you could end up on another planet in your reincarnation?

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Quiz topic: Which DC Superhero am I?