Who is your Comic book dream man?

I know, I know - There aren't many girls that read comics, or something like that. Well, guess what? YOU'RE WRONG! And this quiz proves it. Are you a Wolvie's Girl, a Batwoman, a Supermaniac, or *GASP!* A villianess? Find out here!

*Disclaimer* Wolverine and Batman are, in fact, MY men. I'm letting you borrow them for the duration of this quiz. Lois doesn't know that I stole Clark from her, so he needs to be returned as soon as you're done with him. And I got Magneto out of his plastic prison cell on the excuse that he was needed for a chess tournament. So don't take too long with him (and, above all else- DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY METAL!!!) *End of Disclaimer*

Created by: Hanna
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You like your man in....
  2. Hair?
  3. Mode of transportation?
  4. Power(s)?
  5. His weakness is....
  6. Drink of choice?
  7. Day or Night?
  8. What does he call you?
  9. Where does he live?
  10. Does he have any pets/sidekicks/family?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Comic book dream man?