How Much Do You Know About Silverstream?

There are many people who think they know about Silverstream. Who is Silverstream? She is a warrior cat out of Erin Hunter's warrior cats series. She is an awesome cat.

How much do YOU know about Silverstream? Are you a kittypet or a leader based on your knowledge of Silverstream? Or maybe you are a warrior, apprentice, or kit, Find out now!

Created by: Hawkfur (formerly dugo)
  1. What Clan is Silverstream from?
  2. Silverstream saves _______________ from ______________________-
  3. Silverstream starts to meet _________ of __________________
  4. What cat in RiverClan is related to Silverstream?
  5. Who from ThunderClan tries to persuade Silverstream from seeing Graystripe?
  6. Who does Graystripe fight from ThunderClan because of Silverstream?
  7. Why does Silverstream tell ________ that she can't stop seeing Graystripe?
  8. Where do Graystripe and Silverstream usually meet?
  9. Where does Fireheart tell Graystripe to meet Silverstream?
  10. Where does Silverstream give birth?
  11. How many kits does Silverstream have?
  12. What happens to Silverstream when she gives birth?
  13. Who is at Sunningrocks (besides Fireheart and Graystripe) while Silverstream is giving birth?
  14. How does Silverstream die while giving birth?
  15. What are Silverstream's kits called?
  16. What warrior names do Silverstream's kits take?
  17. What color is Silverstream's pelt?
  18. What length is Silverstream's pelt?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Silverstream?