How much do you know about #MILKY_COW?

Hello, and thanks for coming to this quiz! This quiz is all about my YouTube channel — #MILKY_COW — and it has some questions. If you really think you know everything, you should do it and test yourself!

So come on! DO you know everything about #MILKY_COW? Maybe you were guessing. Maybe you thought you knew everything, or you thought you didn't know anything. Well, this quiz will, in a few minutes time, tell you if you were right or wrong! So just get into this quiz! Good luck!

Created by: #MILKY_COW of #MILKY_COW
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  1. What is #MILKY_COW?
  2. What kind of videos do I have on it?
  3. What kind of videos do I have on it?
  4. Why did I create #MILKY_COW?
  5. True or false! I have more than 80 videos.
  6. In my first Stealth Master video, which Hero did I use?
  7. In my Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Bowling video, how many Explode-o-nuts (the red ones) did I use?
  8. In my Bowmasters with Cyberstar Fatality video, what trick did I use to kill Mr. Overlord?
  9. Which Plants vs. Zombies 2 videos were the first to get uploaded?
  10. True or false! I have a playlist called "Other" where I put rubbish videos.
  11. In my Bowmasters with Raymonde Fatality video, what did I try to do?
  12. What trick did I use to defeat the last Wild West Gargantuar?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about #MILKY_COW?