Warriors love story (she-cats only)

In this adventure, you are going to be called mosskit, and try to survive with or without the boys. You should as well get a mate or something, i don't know.

This is my first quiz, so please tell me if you like it or not, part 2 coming soon...Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want, and have fun in the quiz.

Created by: Lio

  1. You wake up and you see three other kits, Duskkit, Lionkit and Fernkit. You go up to them and Duskkit says "Hi, I've never seen a she-kit."
  2. After a few moons, you become apprentices. Your mentor is Blackclaw, and Lionpaw has to go on a patrol with you, what do you do?
  3. You hear that you can choose a cat to go on a patrol with you, who will you choose?
  4. A few moons later, you and Fernpaw have your warrior assessment together.
  5. Fernpaw gets Fernclaw for a name, and you get Mossfur as your name.
  6. You hear that camp is under attack
  7. You can't find Lionpaw anywhere after the battle.
  8. Lionpaw returns with a mouse
  9. You go on a patrol with Lionpaw, Duskpaw and Fernclaw
  10. You hear foxes
  11. After the encounter with foxes, you go to camp.

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