Who are you in halo

Have you ever been play halo and though I could do that or I am just like him. Well now you can find out who you exactly like. Got to YouTube to and search the bunny clan intro click on our name and enjoy our videos. More coming soon

Do you think your master chief how about noble six now you can find out do you really deserve to be a spartan or the evil covenant. The choice is yours. I know everybody wants to bee master chief but please vote truthfully. Don't forget about the Bunny a Clan's YouTube page.

Created by: Preston

  1. Do you talk a lot?
  2. Are you a leader.
  3. If you aren't one of my friend please click on other.
  4. What is your favorite halo
  5. What is your favorite gun
  6. Your leader is dead what do you do.
  7. You have are out of ammunition what do you do?
  8. An elite grabs you from behind which an energy sword in his right hand and his left is in your neck. What to do?
  9. Your best fried is a traitor but asks you to join there side what do you do.
  10. Spartan or covenant?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in halo