How Much Do You Know About Interstates?

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Interstates Are Freeways That Connect Each Major City In The USA To Each Other. They Go Through Giant, Big, Medium, Small, Tiny, And Minuscule Towns Across Every State In The USA, Even Hawaii, Alaska, And Puerto Rico!

This Quiz Is To Test Your Skills For Interstates. It's Okaay If You Do Or Do Not Know Any Of These Questions, This Is Just For Fun! Like All Quizzes, Be Courteous And Please Do Not Cheat.

Created by: AversPlayz of New Freeways And Roads
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  1. How Many Miles Of Interstate Highways Have Been Paved In The USA?
  2. Where Does I-65 Start And End?
  3. What Are The Two Main Colors On Interstate Shields?
  4. What Interstate Connects Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA, Stockton, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and San Diego, CA?
  5. What Interstate Starts In Galveston, TX-Dallas, TX?
  6. What Proposed Interstate Would Connect Raleigh, NC-Norfolk, VA?
  7. Which President Created The Idea Of The Interstate System?
  8. What Four Interstates Does Portland, OR Serve?
  9. Where Is The Widest Interstate In The USA Located? (26 Lanes)?
  10. How Many Interstates Does Texas Have?
  11. What Auxiliary Interstate Doesn't Have The Same Name as its "Main" Interstate?
  12. What Are The 4 Outer Interstates In The USA?
  13. What Interstate Was Replaced By I-41(Zoo Freeway) In Milwaukee, WI?
  14. How Many Interstates Does California Have?
  15. In Mobile, What Was I-165 Formally Called?
  16. What Interstate Connects Amarillo, TX and Lubbock, TX?
  17. What Are The Three 3 Digit Interstates I-69 Splits Into From Victoria, TX to Brownsville, TX, McAllen, TX, and Laredo, TX?
  18. How Many Miles Of I-80 Are There In Pennsylvania?
  19. What Interstates Go Through The Hampton Roads Area Of Virginia?
  20. What Is The Largest Numbered Interstate and The Smallest Numbered Interstate?
  21. Was This Quiz Fun And Interesting?

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