How Puerto Rico are you?

There are many people who have heard of Puerto Rico. Many claim to be from there. Being A Puerto Rican Is not just about where you where born it is a way of life. Discover how Puerto Rican you really are.

Are you a Puerto Rican? How much do you know about the most beautiful island in the Caribbean? Thanks to this quiz you will be able to Prove your Boricua ability.

Created by: Jose
  1. What is the Name of the first Governor of Puerto Rico?
  2. What is the Animal of Puerto Rico?
  3. In What year did the Spaniards discovered Puerto Rico?
  4. What is the Real name of Daddy Yankee?
  5. What is the name of the Puerto Rican National Anthem?
  6. How Many stripes does the Puerto Rican Flag has?
  7. What is the Capital City of Puerto Rico?
  8. What Is Grande?
  9. What are the name of the 3 main Political Parties in PR?
  10. Who founded the Party that fights for Puerto Rico to be the 51th state?
  11. When was Reggaeton founded?
  12. Ruben DJ was on of the pioneers of hip hop in PR, What was the name of his hit song?
  13. What is the name of The national tree of PR?
  14. The worlds largest telescope is located in what Puerto Rican City?
  15. What was the Name of the First Female Governor of Puerto Rico?

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Quiz topic: How Puerto Rico am I?