How much do you know about Harry Potter

Do you think you know everything about Harry Potter, we'll think again. This quiz tests you on everything from the first book to the 5th book so let's see how much you really know!!

Are you a genius who knows it all!! Do you have the magical power to complete this magical Harry Potter quiz . Or are you just a muggle who doesn't know there stuff !!!

Created by: Ruby

  1. What is Harry's pet owl called?
  2. What house is Harry in?
  3. What magical school does Harry attend?
  4. Who killed Harry's Parents?
  5. What is Professor Dumbledores phoenix called?
  6. Which animal does Professor McGonnagal turn into?
  7. Who is Harry's godfather ?
  8. Which wizarding in family does Harry meet when looking for platform 9 and 3 quarters?
  9. Who does harry first meet on the train?
  10. Who are Harry's children called ?
  11. What is the name of the headmaster when harry starts?
  12. What is the the friendly half giant called
  13. What where Harry's parents called?
  14. Where does Harry live?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Harry Potter