How Much Do You Know About Hannah Montana a.k.a Miley Cyrus

If you know a lot about Hannah Montana then I would take this quiz! And if you're good at remembering the lyrics then take this quiz but if you don't really know anything about Hannah Montana and her lyrics then i suggest you go look some stuff up on the internet before taking this quiz

Do you have the strength to take this quiz? If you don't then do not enter the quiz taking portion, but I mean who doesnt love Hannah Montana? She is awesome and if you like her so much and you know a lot about her than I suggest you take this quiz then!

Created by: Madison of disney channel
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  1. What is Jackson addicted to?
  2. Did Hannah Montana ever forget the words to the National Anthem?
  3. Who does Oliver like?
  4. What is Miley's bears name?
  5. Who is disguised as Lola Loftnangle?
  6. In season 1, does Miley have a job? (other than Hannah Montana)
  7. Are Lilly and Oliver related to each other or to Hannah/Miley?
  8. What does Miley's father get her for her birthday?
  9. What ninth grade boy did Miley have a crush on?
  10. What do these lyrics come from? "Sometimes i walk a little faster in the school hallway just to get next to you, somedays i'll spend a little extra time in the morning, Just to impress you.
  11. What song do these lyrics come from? "The paper's not here yet, the sun's not up, but i'm afraid to tell you what i feel inside."
  12. What song do these lyrics come from? "Inside I try, to make the piece fit right, a jigsaw puzzle everywhere."
  13. What song are these lyrics from? "It might be crazy, i do it anyway, no way to know for sure, i'll figure out a cure."
  14. "Bigger Than Us" We all wanna beleive in love,__________________?
  15. "Let's Dance" is sung from who?

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