Do you know Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a really popular show on Disney Channel. It is about a normal teenage girl called Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) who has a great singing voice. In secreat, she is a popstar named Hannah Montana! The show is about dealing with the double life!

Do you know Hannah Montana?? Test your knowledge in this quiz. Are you a devoted fan, do you hate the show or is it just okay?? You know how you feel, but find out more in this great quiz!!!

Created by: hannahmileyfan

  1. Who is Miley Stewarts godmother?
  2. Who helped Miley choose her Hannah Montana wig?
  3. Lola Luftnagle(Lilly Truscott) hates sushi.
  4. In Season2, which grade is Miley in?
  5. What is the name of Hannah's popstar enemy?
  6. Why doesn't Miley want to tell the world she's Hannah Montana?
  7. "I wanna see beyond my own little world, grab your hands so we can twirl around the galaxy" That comes in?
  8. "Tai chi practicin' snowboard champion I can fix the flat on your car..."
  9. "I know in time I'll find a way"
  10. "Things are lookin' up, anytime you want..."
  11. "I said pinch me where's the catch this time, can't find a single cloud in the sky"
  12. "After all we've been through, do we let our friendship end"
  13. "You have a diamond inside of your heart, a light that shines bright as the stars"
  14. "Life is for dreamers and I'm a believer, that nothing can stand in our way today to start the place to play"
  15. "Talk with me now and into the night no need to pretend"
  16. "Take a way the mirrors the limos the lights"

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