How Well Do you know Hannah Montana

Do you know anything about Hannah Montana! WELL THEN THIS IS THE QUIZ FOR YOU! These questions get harder and harder as they go along so if you like a small trivia then take this quiz! I guarentee that you will love it!

Are u a fan of hannah montana! Do you have the power to take this hard quiz. Take this quiz and find out how much of a fan you are of hannah montana and see if your friends can beat you?

Created by: Kinita

  1. What is Miley's real name?
  2. What song does Lily sing on the karaoke night?
  3. Rico owns a surf shop?
  4. Miley used to date....
  5. What is Olivers stage name?
  6. What was hannah singing when she mixed up the words to the song?
  7. What was one of the thing Lola (Lily)did to make her look goofy in front of hannahs friend tracey?
  8. In the episode where Lily and Miley's mum and dad date, what was the name of Oliver's nation?
  9. In the episode where photographers were mistaken of hannah and jackson dating what was the celebrity name?
  10. Who said this? "Dont be a jerk, just take the dang fish!"
  11. Who said this "Next time, we're trading cookies"
  12. In the episode feat. Jonas Brothers, what did lily say that they were having?

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