How Much do you know about football?

There are so much people who think they know a ton about football. But some think they are awesome with it or horrible with it. Take this quiz too find out the truth about football and you! Good luck!!!!

Are YOU a football genius? You might think you are not or you might think your super good with it. Well, take this AWESOME QUIZ too determine it! Good luck!!!

Created by: Thomas
  1. Do you play it with a ball
  2. How many yards are there on a football field?
  3. Is the ball round?
  4. How many people are on the field for 1 team?
  5. How many people on the field for both teams combined?
  6. Do you where helmets in football?
  7. What does NFL stand for
  8. Do men or women play in the NFL?
  9. How many years ago did a women first play in the NFL?
  10. Why do dogs run around the field at the beginning of the game
  11. When a Quarter Back says hike what does it mean
  12. What does RB stand for?
  13. What is the shortcut for quarter back
  14. Is football in the summer olympics
  15. Is football on tv
  16. Is football a sport
  17. In 2013 was Tom Brady on the giants or patriots or broncos
  18. Is football played in the summer
  19. What is football played on?
  20. Do they cancel a football game when it is snowing
  21. Do they cancel a game when it is raining?
  22. How many questions has there been so far?
  23. When was the first college game of football played
  24. How many quarterbacks are on the field at once in football
  25. What is the correct spelling of this word: doofball
  26. Does football have bigger stadiums than other sports
  27. What is soccer called in England!?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know about football?