Quiz Over the NFL

This is a quiz over some of the key facts and historical happenings of the NFL. It goes as far back as the league's creation. Take it and see how well you do!

The NFL is the National Football Association. It is the organization that runs professional football today. If you like the NFL, take this quiz and tell me if you liked it.

Created by: Weirdboo
  1. What was the NFL originally called?
  2. When was the NFL founded?
  3. What city was the NFL founded in?
  4. How many teams did the NFL start with?
  5. What year was the first NFL championship?
  6. Which team was the first NFL champion?
  7. Which of these teams wasn't an NFL champion?
  8. Which team won the first NFL Championship?
  9. When was the last NFL Championship game?
  10. Which team won the most NFL Championships?
  11. Which one of these teams didn't win an NFL Championship?
  12. Which team went to the most NFL Championships?
  13. When was the AFL founded?
  14. Which team won the first AFL Championship?
  15. Which AFL Team made the first Super Bowl Appearance?
  16. What year did the NFL and AFL merge?
  17. Which team won the first Super Bowl?
  18. Which team has the only undefeated Super Bowl winning season [as of 2013]?
  19. Which team has the most Super Bowl victories [as of 2013]?
  20. Which team has never been to a Super Bowl [as of 2013]?
  21. Which team is the oldest active team in the NFL?
  22. Which team has the longest Super Bowl drought?
  23. The game known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played" was significant in what way?
  24. Which Super Bowl had the biggest blowout?
  25. Bonus question: which receiver caught "The Catch"?

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