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  • Sorry, I messed up on the one about Thuviel. The right answer is no, but both should be right. He did it to stop the Forsworn (Wyrdfell), and there was also something nagging at his mind, obviously he didn't know about the Vault of Souls. So, go change it if you said yes for your rightful score.

  • Yeah, it was the original. And it was Bid'Daum. It was the king of the wild dragons who was white and had no name. And don't worry, I've read the books 3 times each and almost memorized Inheriwiki and I still got 92%. Don't worry, the questions were pretty confusing, and the only reason I didn't fail was because I knew what I meant. Sorry for the confusion. 44% is actually good.

  • I'm confused about question 20. It says Bid'daum was Eragon's dragon. Do you mean the original Eragon, or the first one who helped stop the war between dragons and elves? And didn't the original Eragon's dragon have no name except for the White Dragon or something?

    Of course I may be completely wrong, because I read the series so long ago. I only got 44% and I'm a bit disappointed. I think I'll go read the books again. Yet if I forgot, I don't see how I managed to make an Eragon quiz myself recently.


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