How much do you know about Edinburgh?

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I'm a furloughed tour guide trying to keep his knowledge sharp through lockdown. I've enjoyed taking a few of these quizzes, so I thought I'd write one of my own.

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Created by: Mark Clement

  1. In what year was the Scott Monument completed?
  2. What was the original name of the Balmoral Hotel?
  3. The statue of the Duke of Wellington on Princes St is made of what type of metal?
  4. Which conflict was the partially completed National Monument on Calton Hill built to commemorate?
  5. Which American President has a statue in Old Calton Graveyard?
  6. St Andrew's House was opened the day after which war was declared?
  7. Who was the architect of the Royal High School?
  8. What was the pen-name of Agnes McLehose, love interest of Robert Burns?
  9. Which future king was Regent Road named after?
  10. Holyrood Abbey was built on the site of David I's encounter with which animal?
  11. The Palace of Holyroodhouse was originally built because of the marriage of which two people?
  12. In which year was the new Scottish Parliament building completed?
  13. James Hutton is known as the father of which modern science?
  14. How many streets make up the Royal Mile?
  15. The 2nd Duke of Queensberry was a key signatory of which document?
  16. Which poet is buried in the Canongate Graveyard?
  17. In which year was the Battle of Flodden, which prompted the building of the Flodden Wall?
  18. What is the small stone structure on the pavement outside John Knox House?
  19. What was a Tron?
  20. How many arches does the South Bridge have?
  21. How many miniature coffins were originally discovered on Arthur's Seat in 1836?
  22. Which breed of dog was Greyfriars' Bobby?
  23. Whose skeleton is on display in the Edinburgh University Anatomical Museum?
  24. In which year did the first Edinburgh Derby take place on the Meadows?
  25. What is Maggie Dickson famous for?
  26. Tanners Close was demolished to make way for which building?
  27. What is the oldest building in Edinburgh?
  28. What is the former Castlehill Primary School now home to?
  29. Which novel is Deacon Brodie said to have been inspiration for?
  30. The Museum on the Mound is housed in the former headquarters of which bank?
  31. Which architect designed both the Royal Scottish Academy and the Scottish National Gallery?
  32. How old was James Craig when he won the competition for the design of the New Town?
  33. Which two princes is Princes St named after?
  34. Which street was intended to be the principle thoroughfare of the New Town?
  35. Number 6 Charlotte Square is the official residence of which public figure?
  36. What is James Young Simpson famous for discovering?
  37. Who was responsible for arranging the visit of George IV in 1822?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Edinburgh?